Rugby Club – Letter from Finlay Calder

Dear Members and Friends of Stewart’s Melville Rugby Football Club

We are now back in training at Inverleith and numbers are strong with anticipated warm up games against our nearest neighbours Heriots and the Accies set for October.

But whilst Covid remains a threat, Leagues have been scrubbed till September 2021 so we make do within a small local competition with Berwick, Lasswade, Preston Lodge, Peebles and Kirkcaldy. Ten matches in total and if we win, we qualify for the Cup. It’s the best of a bad project but we run with it.

Pre-match lunches may happen but on a limited basis so fund raising opportunities will be very limited.

In light of a much-reduced season we will not be buying kit for the players this year which eases our overheads of course however the Club still needs funds to cover so many other essentials including coaches, physios, medical support, administration costs, Covid protection, Ground rent etc etc and so I write to ask if you would consider sponsoring a player for £200 to keep us going?

I fully appreciate that money is tight but if you can see your way to steer funds our way it would be most welcome. Here’s a deal! If you sponsor a player this year and we don’t play, I won’t put the begging bowl out for next. Can’t be fairer than that!

Further information and payment details are attached.

Thank you in advance.


Membership & Sponsor Information