AGM 19th May 2021 – Minutes



by Zoom on Wednesday 19th May, 2021

The meeting convened at 6:30pm with President Ken Russell in the chair.

The following members in attendance: Linda Moule (Hon President), R Kernohan (Hon Treasurer), R Barclay, A Seale, D Kyles, C J Anderson (Council members), A Napier, D Fortune, I Burrell, K Richards, D Mitchell, I Hastie, L Brown, A Morgan, H Cowan, G McNeil, Angus Mitchell, A Hay,  A Veitch, B McNie, A Stewart, G Macrae, R Thomson,  R Young, C J Anderson.

In attendance: Suzi Squires (Development Office), Laura McIntosh (Clubhouse administrator)

1.Welcome by the President

Ken Russell opened the meeting being the 47th AGM of the club and his first as President and welcomed everyone to the first AGM held by Zoom.

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from J Hughes, S Luxford Moore, T Scrimgeour, R Peden, R B C Young, Dr J L G Wight, L John,  D Graham, L Trotter, J Archer, C Gardner.

3. Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting held on 15th October 2019

The minute had been circulated or otherwise made available to members via the club website and was approved without further comment.

4. Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 15th July 2020

These had been made available on the club website and was similarly approved without further comment.

5     President’s Report

 The President advised the meeting that his report for the meeting had been made available on the club’s website along with other reports for consideration and he was hopeful everyone had had the opportunity of reading the reports.

He said that following his appointment by Council he had chaired two meetings of the Council by Zoom and had had regular contact with the school development office who had been most helpful with regard to his plans for the development of the club over the next five years including his wish to see the proposal to install a lift at Inverleith come to fruition and how the club could assist in raising the necessary funds.  In this regard he was grateful for the continued assistance of Past President Charles Wilson.

6        Club Update

Laura McIntosh referred to the transfer of assets (and liabilities) agreed at the EGM to be transferred to the school and advised that all was now in place for the proposed transfer to take place.  In reply to Ken Richards, Laura advised that the process had proved less straightforward than originally anticipated in order to  comply  with the requirements of tax legislation in relation to the  realisation of investments within the club’s portfolio  which the school’s investment brokers were unable for technical reasons to simply accept the transfer of.   All was now in place with Brewin Dolphin and Brooks Macdonald to allow the transactions to be completed.

7        Constitution

The President referred to the draft Constitution prepared by the Special Committee led by Alastair Seale for presentation to the meeting and thanked Alastair for having the work completed so promptly.  

Alastair Seale said the committee had been forward looking and hoped the draft was “future proofed”.  The club’s name, “Stewart’s Melville College Club” would now reflect that of the school.

He advised two minor amendments to the draft published on the website were proposed.

In paragraph 6 take out the line which appeared in the margin.  In the heading of paragraph 15 delete “and list of members”.  Required to correct matters which had escaped proof reading.

Proposed by Alastair Seale, seconded by Ken Richards.

With these amendments the draft was proposed unanimously.

8          Election of Office Bearers

The meeting confirmed the re-election of Ken Russell as President.    Ken was pleased to announce the nomination of Chris Anderson as his Vice-President who he felt excellently fulfilled all the necessary requirements to succeed to the position of President in the future.

John Hughes was re-elected as Honorary Secretary and Rob Kernohan as Honorary Treasurer.

9          Election of Council

Bert Barclay, Alastair Seale, David Kyles and John Archer were re-elected as members of Council.   The council was authorised to fill, if wished, the remaining four available places on Council in terms of the Constitution.

10        Treasurer’s Report and Financial statements

Laura McIntosh referred to the accounts and report for the year to 31 August 2020 which had been prepared on a similar historical basis to previous years and had been published on the club’s website.  The transfer of assets and liabilities in terms of the EGM of 15th July 2020 had yet to be completed at that time.

No questions arose and the report and accounts were approved unanimously.

Adoption proposed by Ken Richards and seconded by Hugh Cowan.

11        Affiliated and Branch Club Reports

All reports submitted had been published on the club website and were taken as read.

12        Other Competent Business

12.1     Clubhouse

Bert Barclay asked if there was any news with regard to plans for the clubhouse potentially re-opening post the Covid lockdown.

Laura McIntosh advised that current thinking was that it might fully re-open when the school returned in August.  

Linda Moule advised it was hoped to use downstairs for staff use only following the Sports Day in June but no other use was in the planning.

In reply to Alastair Seale, Laura McIntosh said she hoped it could be possible to use downstairs for say sports club meetings or members’ business meetings.  Consideration was still being given to the operations of the clubhouse following Covid and the transfer to the school from the club including dealing with licensing requirements in the best way where appropriate legal advice re the operating licence and personal licences was being obtained.  Joyce Waterston had intimated her retirement from catering and Denise Mitchell remained on furlough.

Susie Squires said the school’s Health & Safety advisor could advise on any Covid related requirements but if a full opening was to be in August then  present requirements such as screens might no longer be necessary.  The thought was that any work could be completed in maybe one to three weeks.

13        Close

In his closing remarks Ken Russell thanked Laura McIntosh and Suzi Squires for the assistance they had given him since his appointment and all members present for their attendance.

The meeting concluded at 7pm.

AGM Minutes

The Minutes of the Club AGM held on Tuesday 17th October 2017 together with Branch Club and Sports Club reports submitted are available to view here.

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