Farewell to David Gray

The FP Club gathered together on Tuesday evening to wish David Gray, whom after 18 years’ service is retiring as Principal of Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools.

David, unsuspecting of the gathering and thought he was attending his last FP Council meeting, was met with a number of well kent faces, Presidents past and present, Council, affiliate and branch club members, as well as his beautiful wife Hélène. His surprise was evident!

Charles Wilson welcomed David to the gathering, followed by Ken Richards who spoke eloquently on the impact that David has had on the FP Club, injecting his particular brand of enthusiasm setting the standard for us to follow.  David, along with Ernie Wilkins, developed the Decadel system whereby schoolboys were able, through the generosity of their parents, to pay their membership fees for the Club, in advance, This has been extended into life membership and it now means that no schoolboy should have to leave the School without becoming a life member of the club.  There will always be a home for a former pupil at Inverleith.

Charles then presented David with a framed print of Inverleith Clubhouse, he also bestowed upon him life long membership of the FP Club thus ensuring there will always be a home at Inverleith for David and Hélène.